Upgrade and Modernize!


One of the more common ways our clients are modernizing their home is the focus on saving energy. One of the quickest and easiest ways to make a change today is to address your lighting. If your goal is to utilize less energy, and save a little money each month, consider an LED conversion in your home. Our team is ready to help you make the transition!


Today we are using more energy than ever before.  As more and more electrical appliances are scattered throughout our homes, one thing that may escape notice is the distribution of that electricity – the electrical panel. If your electrical panel hasn’t been upgraded in the last 10 years, it may be time to schedule an appointment for panel maintenance or replacement.


Electrical products are a major part of our everyday lives. Outlets, extensions, chargers, computer cables – very few of which were designed with your toddler’s safety in mind. According to the National Fire Protection Association, over 2,000 little ones suffer shock and burns every year due to items being poked into electrical receptacles. Though plastic outlet caps may seem a cheap and easy fix, after watching you pry it off a few times- kids get the idea. And what about products that remain plugged in all the time?
Schedule an appointment for baby proofing consultation to discuss how we can help keep your family safe.


Lighting serves for more than just a function. After a hard day’s work, you deserve to come home to a glowing island paradise. From landscape lighting outdoors, to recessed, pendant, and ceiling lights inside, the options are endless when it comes to changing your home’s atmosphere for both functionality and beauty.


Brighten up and modernize your space with new switches and outlets. Though you may be tempted to do so yourself, stick to design and leave the installation to us! But why stop there? Today we don’t just plug in lamps anymore! Ask about USB outlet installation for charging phones and tablets in convenient locations throughout your home!


Want to monitor your home  24 hours a day from your smart device? We can install a new SAMSUNG IPOLIS 4-16 CAMERA SYSTEM complete with email alerts and 30 day back up recording! CALL NOW!